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Legal Services Provided

Criminal defense

Felonies, misdemeanors, or petty offenses in County, District, Municipal, or Federal Court, from the initial filing of charges through the trial. Mr. Kellen is experienced in suppressing evidence, asserting defenses, and negotiating with prosecutors. We will fight for the best plea bargain, or plan to fight the case at trial. Services offered include consultation when an individual is contacted by a police officer who asks to speak with them about an open investigation. Know your rights before you make a statement!

protection (restraining) orders

Whether you need to file for a protection order against another party or defend yourself against one, we can help. If you are being harassed or threatened, a protection order is an important tool for law enforcement to help protect you, but you have to go to court to obtain one. Mr. Kellen can explain what evidence is necessary to obtain or block a protection order and will make this process simple.

Underage Drinking or Marijuana

These charges can impact education and employment opportunities. We can help ensure that this doesn't throw you or your family member's life off track.

small claims court

If you need advice on filing a lawsuit in small claims court, we can help. Attorneys generally cannot file lawsuits in small claims court on behalf of their clients, but we can assist you in drafting documents and preparing your evidence. Small claims court defense also offered.

dui defense

Whether it's a first offense or a Felony DUI, we can explain your rights and options. Mr. Kellen has conducted numerous jury trials involving a variety of DUI issues, and is familiar with roadside testing, chemical testing, refusal of testing, and cases that focus on physical control of a vehicle rather than actual driving. It is important to understand the possible penalties you are facing based on your personal background, and the defenses available based on the evidence in your case. Services offered include representation at a DMV Hearing, motions practice, and jury trial.

traffic violations

Careless driving, reckless driving, leaving the scene, and speeding 20+ mph over the limit can cause serious problems. Mr. Kellen has handled many cases involving these charges, including cases with serious injury and fatality. Find out how to keep or reinstate your driver's license. Services offered include plea negotiations with the prosecutor to seek dismissal or reduce points.


Allegations of a probation violation often carry the possibility of a jail sentence. Services offered include defense against probation violations, requests for modification of probation terms and conditions, and requests for early termination of probation or deferred sentence.

personal wills

If your estate could require a complex family trust, you probably need a probate specialist. But if you or your spouse are looking for a personal will or medical directives (living will) to protect you and your family, we can help.

juvenile court

The rules are different in Juvenile Court, and sometimes the court system needs to be reminded that there is a child involved. We can explain the difference between a conviction and an adjudication, and why the court system appoints a separate attorney called a GAL. We will make sure your family navigates this process as smoothly as possible.


Some cases may be sealed, or hidden from your criminal record, after the case is over. It is also possible, in some cases, to have police reports sealed and restricted from public access. We can help you determine if these are options in your case, and can guide you through the process.

civil claim defense

If you or your small business has been sued or is being threatened with a lawsuit, we can help. Many types of civil claims that can be made against you will be handled by your insurance company. But if you don't have insurance, or if there is no coverage for your situation, you may need personal legal defense. Mr. Kellen will also advise you on whether you have grounds to assert a counterclaim against the person or business who filed the lawsuit against you.

Business formation

If you are planning to start a small business and need advice or help getting things up and running, give us a call. We can help with the differences between an LLC and a Partnership, and plenty more. Services offered include drafting and filing Articles of Incorporation and all appropriate IRS, State of Colorado, and local government business registrations, as well as basic bookkeeping and tax preparation.